OpenStreetMap "Tile-server" frontend for Tirex rendering server powered by Nginx and Lua.

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TileMan: tile server frontend

Author: Hiroshi Miura, OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan miurahr@osmf.jp

Tileman is a tile server frontend. It uses following technologies.

  • Nginx (v1.4.1 + lua-module 0.8.1 or later) or OpenResty(v1.4.1.3 or later) we provide PPA for ubuntu user. You need to select nginx-extras package.

  • Tirex, rendering backend 0.4.1

  • Mapnik 2.2.0

  • PostGIS 2.0 /postgresql 9.1

  • osm2pgsql

  • osmosis (recommend v0.40 or later)

It is tested on Ubuntu 12.04.2(x86_64) but it may be useful for other platform and who want to run osm tile server.


Ver 1.3 Release: 8, Sept, 2013


Setup development environment using Vagrant


It is distributed under GPLv3.


It is maintained by OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan.


Many thanks to contributors! here is contributors activities


Nginx serves tile proxy. It returns disk cache and escalate to upstream tile.openstreetmap.org servers when needed. Lua script included by Nginx controls local rendering. It is an asumption that postgis server has limited osm data in region.

Lua script retrive x/y/z parameter and check an existence of tile data. If it is out of area where the server provided, it goes upstream.

planet import

The directory updatedb has an incremental update script and primary load script for osm data. It is now defaults geofabrik data and also supposed to use planet.osm.org data.


This distribution includes several tile images.

It can be used to replace some tiles, where some country law request to display specific name.

There are several places where multiple laws in countries requires incoherent rules, such as administration claims.

A nginx configuration, statictile provides a solution for these case. For details, please refer doc/statictile.ja.txt